Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So after a reasonable amount of time between first and second blog I say to you.... I was waiting for a subject so profound it would send readers into a fit of joy. Something that would make them be like..."oh, I wonder what happened in the life of the massaganist today?" But after a considerable amount of time nothing came...what can I say...I am boring. So I thought I would bitch about rubbin' on naked people. I must say I get pissed off so many times a day rubbin' on folks...yee haw! It takes quite a bit of effort, skill, patience and sometimes an iron-clad stomach to do massage. Let me explain. There is Caterpillar Syndrome- where the body looks like segments instead of one solid body. In other words the person is fat...ROLLS! The Happy Camper- man is so enthusiastic he pitches a tent. I hope that doesn't require further explanation. Bacne- yuck! Dragon Toes- self explanatory. The Bomber- too much broccoli or beans! I could go on but you get the point. My point.... in addition to dealing with issues such described there are people with personality disorders. (Bitches and assholes!) I'm not asking for much just a little recognition. When i ask someone how they feel after a massage it is NOT acceptable to say fine or okay. To me that is saying ...." I feel mediocre." You're telling me you just had a tuna melt. So thank you, Whining Overpaid Pretentious Spa Patron, I don't salute you. Maybe you should try the high life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloggie McBloggerson

As I sit here and put into creation my first blog ever..... I think of Nicole. Yes Nicole. The Blogging queen. So I can only hope I can live up to the high expectations I have for myself after reading her blogs and that of her friends. Oh they're good. Supa Good! After a long days work rubbing on naked people I hope to bring my profession to the unrubbed masses. Or just bitch about life. Either way it should be fun. So thank you Ms. Queen of Blogging (for giving me the know how) ....I salute you.